Meet The Speakers

Allyship to Gender Equality’ with Prof. Jernej Ule
Everyone needs to be involved in the discussion surrounding gender equality to make change happen. What does it mean to be an ally? How can I be a good ally? All our stalls are for everyone, but we particularly encourage and welcome men in our community to join this conversation with Prof. Ule to discuss how their involvement is needed, ask questions, share experiences (the mistakes and when things have gone right!) and discuss what you can do to help make progress happen.
Twitter: @ule_lab

Mothers In STEM’ with Dr. Sarah Mizielinska *
Navigating maternity leave & balancing parenting with the pressure and insecurity of academic research is a tough juggling act. This is often particularly true for women, who are statistically more likely to take on the lion’s share of domestic tasks, childcare and unpaid labour at home whilst maintaining their full time professional role. This is a space for all, regardless of your lived experience in relation to parenting and we encourage those without children to join in this discussion.
* We recognize many parents will be unable to attend our event due to its timing. To support everyone being able to join in with this discussion, we are planning a recorded online event specifically to discuss the topic ‘Mothers In STEM’ in detail with organisations advocating for mothers in research. Keep your eyes peeled for further info shortly after IWD!
Twitter: @SMizielinska

‘Red Flags’ with Prof. Sarah Byford
Harassment, bullying, abuse of power and unacceptable behaviour are still commonplace in academia. How can you spot ‘red flag’ behaviour and what are some things to look out for that might indicate a ‘toxic’ academic relationship? How can we create a safe environment together? How are things changing for the better? This stall is a safe space for support and individual empowerment through shared experiences, particularly where it comes to unacceptable behaviour in academia that is difficult to spot or feels like you’re ‘just making a fuss’ – you’re not alone in this.

‘Science Across Borders’ with Dr. Rodrigo Duarte
Science is international, but the experience of moving away from your home country for your career can feel isolating and unwelcoming. What issues do women and underrepresented researchers face when moving internationally to work in the UK? What are some of the unseen barriers at different stages? What can we do to better welcome and support colleagues who have made an international move to the UK? Dr. Rodrigo Duarte will share his own experiences, advice and how he has supported other researchers moving to the UK from Brazil.
Twitter: @3RDuarte

‘A Date with Diversity’ with Steph Dixon
Why does representation matter? What challenges do people face when they feel they can’t be their full self at work? Join Steph Dixon, host of the new ‘A Date with Diversity’ podcast, to discuss the positive impacts of seeing others like you working (and crucially, thriving!) in your field when you’re from an underrepresented group. As well as this, Steph will discuss the importance of intersectionality in discussions about diversity & inclusion (if you’re not sure what this means, a stop by this stall is a must!) You can also learn about the motivation behind Steph’s podcast, which aims to make a positive impact on working culture by sharing the stories & experiences of people who underrepresented in their fields.

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